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Knowledge management is an organization of knowledge held by individuals within an organization. With knowledge management,an individual knowledge can be own by organization so it can give a benefit to organization in order to enhance business competitiveness.Management and documentation of  the knowledge in order to become a reference for all the employee within the organization are need a development and implementation of appropriate knowledge management system. The implementation of knowledge management system must be supported by specific features to store and organize  the existing knowledge.To overcome this problem, a knowledge management system was designed in the form of a web-based programming system using PHP programming languages ​​with GTFW and MySQL Framework. Knowledge management systems are equiped with data search facilities, documentation and records of problems, information and download features from each of available documents.


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Sonatha, Y., Rahmayuni, I., Alanda, A., & Saputra, I. (2018). Rancang Bangun Aplikasi Knowledge Management Berbasis Web. INVOTEK: Jurnal Inovasi Vokasional Dan Teknologi, 18(2), 133-140.


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